The Two Red Gringos are the liverpool podcast for the fan who can’t be in the ground every weekend but loves the club all the same. based out of el paso, tx and mexico city, the gringos are bringing global perspective to this global game

Episode 6- The Win We Craved

Episode 6- The Win We Craved

This is a big one folks. Phil and Daniel are joined by Mikka Burrell for an in depth run down of everything El Paso Locomotive

-Review of OCSC Win

-Role of Team Defending

-Defensive Midfield Improvement

-Omar Salgado a changed man out wide

-Gebhard impact and injury

-Undeniable Influence of Sebastian Contreras

-Edson Partida has arrived

-Big Interview with Omar Salgado!

-Must-visit restaurant

-His Views of the squad and his role

-Being one of the team's leaders

-Views of Jerome Kiesewetter

-Phoenix Preview

-Shutting down Adam Jahn

-Gebhard and Kiffe Injury Doubts?

-Taking advantage of the week off

-Facing a side that plays like OKC

-Jerome Kiesewetter joins Loco!

-What to expect

-His potential impact

-SWFC USOC Preview

-Daniel tries not to give any strategy away

-Club attempts to be first team since El Paso Indios to qualify for the USOC

Episode 7- Over the Lines

Episode 7- Over the Lines

Episode 5- RGVWTFC

Episode 5- RGVWTFC