The Two Red Gringos are the liverpool podcast for the fan who can’t be in the ground every weekend but loves the club all the same. based out of el paso, tx and mexico city, the gringos are bringing global perspective to this global game

Season 5 Episode 3: Bobby Dazzler's Eyepatch

Pat and Phil enjoy a few brews and do an in-depth dive into the win against PSG, the upcoming fixtures against Southampton and Chelsea, and the social media heroes and villains of the week.

-Bobby Dazzler’s Goal and Reaction

- Danny Sturridge back with a bang

- Midfield 3: Wijnaldum, Hendo, and the number infinity Milner

- Is Jurgen going to rotate?

- Social Media Hero: @babuyagu with the NKZOD

-Social Media Villains: JARRADHD and Ted Lasso

Season 5 Episode 4: Put Some Respek On Gomez's Name

Season 5 Episode 2: A Good, Ol Fashioned, D*** Kickin