The Two Red Gringos are the liverpool podcast for the fan who can’t be in the ground every weekend but loves the club all the same. based out of el paso, tx and mexico city, the gringos are bringing global perspective to this global game

Season 4 Episode 3: The Show Goes On

The Gringos are feeling a bit emo today, so it's mid-2000s emo to bring us in, and Kanye to take us through the Phil Coutinho saga. They'll talk the way he left, the timing of the move, and round it off remembering the better times when O Magico was ours.

From there, its a look back at the Derby, from Virgil's winner to WWF Superstar Virgil's impersonation of our Dutch match winner. There's also a look at Andrew Robertson's emergence as the 1st choice left back and some much-needed criticism of Adam Lallana.

Finally, it's a look ahead to City. The Gringos are scared but optimistic, and as long as Lallana is nowhere near the team, we have a good shot at a result. They wrap up by addressing some trash Twitter rumors and opinions, putting LFC Twitter's absurdity into sharp focus.

Thanks to Modelo, High Prarie Whiskey, and Southern Star Brewery for fueling this pod with their delicious beverages.

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